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About Me and Onlyxcodes

Hello, programming code reading enthusiasts, I am Hamid Shaikh the guy behind this programming blog. I am an experienced programmer, web developer, and blogger. My criteria are mainly for PHP, Ajax, jquery, Java, and its associated technologies JSP, Servlet, Spring Framework, Hibernate, and more open-source platforms that interest me.

My Aim

Codes Logic:

I don't clarify few line description codes in my blog posts. I always clarify the inner source code logic of my posts so that visitors or coders can develop their programming skills and easily grasp how the code flow.

System.out.println("codes logic");

This Blog Articles Reading Users Happy:

I'm glad that readers read tutorial codes, download and send my codes to their projects, share my codes with friends, and give thanks to me.

See screenshots of the thank you messages that more users give me after downloading and using onlyxcodes source codes in the dropbox comments.

New Things:

I'm always on the search for new things, such as which programming languages are popular, frameworks, and new technology that's being used in the market and industries.

I read blog comments to see what kinds of questions people are asking about errors. After conducting analysis, I send useful information to users who are in great need of it.

Why did I create onlyxcodes?

My programming language logic was zero levels when I was in college, and I couldn't execute programming programs in any practical exam because I didn't have a clear programming code logic.

Second thing,

When my friend and I were doing our last semester project, some modules were incomplete because the company owner and employee were less (cheap) knowledgeable. My partner had intermediate coding skills, and I had some coding knowledge.

Since our project submission date was coming quickly, my partner and I used Google to search up the necessary codes. But Fortunately, my college friends assisted us, and my partner and I completed the project.

"My partner was working on our project himself, but he didn't show me what he was doing. I made a mistake by selecting the wrong project partner and a third-class company. "

I was unhappy, and I realized that more students are having difficulty building logic. I decided to assist them.


After I have completed my postgraduate master's degree in computer science I started blogging on Google Platform Sub Domain onlyxscript.blogspot.com between 2016 or 2017. Which was transferred to a custom domain as www.onlyxcodes.com.

I've been learning to program for the past four years from YouTube, Google, various websites, and forums, and I've been sending programming tutorials codes ( with logic ) of open-source languages and frameworks to onlyxcodes blog.

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ― Nelson Mandela

You come here, thank you.

Your new friend Hamid Shaikh.

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