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Saturday 11 February 2023

Is Ezoic Worth It? ( 14 Questions Answered!)

This article will show you that is ezoic worth it with fourteen questions and their answers.

A great strategy to monetize your site is by putting ads.

One excellent technique to initially monetizes your site is maybe using Google Adsense.

But to enhance performance and increase money from your traffic, you must have the finest Google Adsense alternative.

A tool that accomplishes just that is called Ezoic. If you want to increase the revenue you receive from your blog, Ezoic is a great platform.

Ezoic aims to improve your revenue, speed up your website, and extend the time each visitor spends there. They are continuously split-testing to optimize your website and revenue-maximizing. The best part is that it is free of charge.

Try Ezoic.

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Table Content

1. Is Ezoic Worth It?

2. What is Ezoic?

3. How Does Ezoic Work?

4. How Ezoic Worth it?

5. Ezoic Has Best Customer Support

6. Great Monetization Service

7. Perfect for Beginners

8. Ezoic is Better than AdSense

9. Ezoic Set-Up is Easy

10. Provides Excellent Educational Webinars

11. Ezoic Develop New Products

12. Pretty Tight Relationship with Google

13. The Pros and Cons of Ezoic

14. Ezoic Features Tags

15. Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ezoic Worth It?

Yes, ezoic is worth it. The hands-on setup, quick customer service responses, user-friendly interface, and richness of tools make up for the tiny amount of costs you will spend.

Okay – so ezoic is worth it.

But how ezoic is worth it?

Let's talk for a while about that.

We first explore what ezoic is and how it works before discussing why ezoic is worth it.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic, a Google Certified Publishing Partner, is an automated website testing technology that assists businesses in boosting traffic and revenue by experimenting with a wide range of ad position and style options.

Ezoic uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to evaluate various placements for display advertisements on your website using the AdSense ads that are already being served by your website.

Any web publisher looking to enhance the overall user experience on their website can use Ezoic.

How Does Ezoic Work?

Your host server and your visitors connect by Ezoic. Ezoic will load the stuff from your host server and display it in one of the innovative layouts when a visitor navigates to your website.

To identify the best-performing layouts for your site, the algorithm will analyze the time spent on each page, page views per visitor, bounce rate, and ad revenue for each layout.

The system will start to promote the best-performing layouts after it has had time to collect enough data. As a result, your visitors will see the layouts they want more frequently, and you'll also be making more money.

How Ezoic Worth it?

Ezoic works to improve your revenue, speed up your site, and expand the average visit duration for each user. They continuously do split tests to optimize your website for maximum income.

This article will be answering all those questions asked by publishers before signing up in the ezoic.

Let's get started with ezoic useful summary.

Ezoic Has Best Customer Support

Honestly, their support team has fastly solved solutions to all of my questions.

Their support team quickly find solutions to all of my questions and the staff ready to resolve my problem right.

I use their ticket system to post questions whenever I have them. I typically get a response the same day. Their agents are very knowledgeable and always ready to assist further if necessary.

In a difficult situation, the Ezoic staff assists you in setting up your account. They are kind, professional, and patient when answering your queries.

Great Monetization Service

Ezoic is a fantastic publisher monetization tool.

They offer fully automatic artificial intelligence that enables you to understand your visitors' surfing activities and modify the ads accordingly.

Simply concentrate on what you do best (such as publishing new content), leaving site monetization to Ezoic, who will ensure that you always receive the best possible profits.

Perfect for Beginners

The plus side is that you don't need to be a tech expert to use ezoic and get the most out of it.

Ezoic offers a straightforward dashboard that new publishers and novices can simply use.

A very simple and user-friendly method of website monetization is provided by Ezoic.

If you require assistance The Ezoic team works with you to find solutions and optimize advertisements to increase revenue.

Ezoic is Better than AdSense

Ezoic is an ad selection system built on artificial intelligence that shows appropriate ads on your website. 

It boosts the cost per click (CPC) for the advertisements and pays you more for fewer page views.

Because Ezoic and AdSense are connected, you can display both types of advertisements on the same page.

You can use both ezoic and AdSense to receive the most money possible from your content if ezoic is unable to serve advertising for your website.

Ezoic Set-Up is Easy

The step-by-step ezoic setup is simple. If you encounter any issues, a dedicated account reporter gets in touch with you and alters your settings as necessary.

The connection to Cloudflare was one of the issues I ran across when I first attempted to connect to the website using Ezoic's guidelines, but it was eventually resolved.

Once the initial setup is complete, activating your website and beginning to make money is easy.

Provides Excellent Educational Webinars

Excellent educational webinars are offered by Ezoic. It frequently holds events, webinars, and fresh, educational training sessions.

Their webinars are encouraging, knowledgeable, and transparent. Their webinars assist you to increase your website performance, SEO ranking, and activity as a website owner.

Ezoic Develop New Products

Ezoic is highly committed to assisting its publishers.

To help publishers maximize the revenue-generating assets on their websites through videos and improved content selection, Ezoic recently created new tools like Flickify, Humix, NicheIQ, etc.

Pretty Tight Relationship with Google

Google and Ezoic have a good working relationship connection. Contact the ezoic onboarding specialist team if you having trouble with Google approval, and they will resolve your problem.

The Pros and Cons of Ezoic


  • Quickly Solve Issue:-The ezoic support team responds to your questions rapidly.

  • Earn using Video Ads:-Additionally, Ezoic now offers video advertisements where you can post your videos to monetize through the network and make additional income.

  • Low entry point:-Doesn't require a lot of monthly visitors to join as compared to other premium ad networks like Adthrive.

  • Minimum Threshold:-With Ezoic, there is a minimum payout requirement of $20. Compared to most advertising networks, it's much lower. There is a $100 minimum for Google AdSense.

  • Control Ads Placeholder:-You can control how many placeholders you have and where on your site.

  • Effortlessly Take Care of Site:-Your site speed problems, content creation, and overall SEO enhancement are handled with ease.

  • Provides New Features Tools:-You may increase your traffic and money by using tools like Flickify, Humix, NicheIQ, etc. that are continually being added.

  • Earn Lifetime via Ezoic Affiliate:-With Ezoic Affiliate, you can generate income. You will permanently receive 3% of any publishers' Ezoic earnings if they join using your affiliate link.


  • Bad for Indian Traffic Sites:-Only works well for high CPC country traffic like the USA, Europe, Canada, etc., not for Indian traffic. Although the content on your website is of high quality, ezoic pays $1 less in EPMV to visitors from India.

  • Show Too Many Ads:-Sometimes we find the ezoic show too many ads on our website.

  • Site Integration Painful:-Integrating with your site can be frustrating sometimes.

  • New Setup Difficult for Freshers:-For new publishers, the Ezoic initial setup procedure can be difficult, but the support team can help.

Ezoic Features Tags

You can use several different tools from Ezoic. Below I would list and describe them.

Ezoic Ad Tester

The Ezoic Ad Tester tests your website's ads and optimizes them for things like size, placement, amount of ads, ad types, and what works best for your particular website using an algorithm.

Because the Ezoic Ad Tester automatically considers both increasing income and improving user experience, I appreciate it.

For instance, while reading your posts, some people will see three advertisements and others would see five. Everything is determined by how website visitors behave.

Ezoic Leap

Leap is an entirely new and enhanced version of Ezoic's Site Speed Accelerator tool, which was used to measure the speed of websites. What is ideal? When you join Leap and use all of its features, it is completely free.

Leap is a tool that gives your website everything it needs, from optimization features to that your platform passes Core Web Vitals, which is known to be essential for ranking on Google.

If the time it takes for your site's articles to load decreases in seconds as well, more people will stay on the site, increasing ad revenue.


With Flickify, Ezoic gives you the ability to simply convert your articles into videos.

The URL of the article you wish to turn into a video is simply copied and pasted. You can edit the summary that Flickify creates by adding your comments and rearranging the content to your preference.

After that, pick your subject and a voice, and either upload your photos and videos or choose from their library of photos and videos. This simple is best.


Another brand-new Ezoic tool, Humix, is ideal for utilizing with Flixify. After using Flickify to produce your videos, you can easily publish them to Humix.

Displaying your videos on your website and deciding to make them available on additional platforms can help you gain revenue. Even showing content from other networks can generate revenue.

If it applies to your scenario, you can fully personalize the video player to your website and distribute videos across several sites.

step 1:- Access Humix via the ezoic dashboard.

step 2:- After clicking "site," choose "Network Opt Ins."

after clicking site choose network opt ins

step 3:- Make sure the 'Engage Display' toggle is set to 'ON' by looking at it.

make sure the engage display toggle is set to on by looking at it

step 4:- Make sure both of these settings are turned on by selecting "Display Settings" and clicking:

make sure both of these settings are turned on by selecting display settings and clicking

If you'd prefer to manually embed videos, follow these steps.

1) Install the Chrome extension Ad Tester.

2) Go to the "Humix" section by clicking the extension.

go to the humix section by clicking the extension

3) Select Location after clicking "Create."

select location after clicking create.

4) By clicking any element on the page, you may choose precisely where on the page you want to embed.

5) Choose the playlist video you want to insert there by clicking "Insert Here" and then choosing the playlist location.


For those who own specialized websites, NicheIQ is a tool designed to increase traffic and revenue. You can utilize many features of NicheIQ to boost the revenue your website generates:

In the Topics part of Ezoic, they assist you in choosing the keywords for which you can create blog posts. They can help you save a ton of time because they are highly pertinent to your field.

Additionally, they list your top competitors along with how they match up against your platform. You require that knowledge to beat them.

You can test various titles for a blog post using NicheIQ's On-Page SEO feature, formerly known as the title tag tester.

You pick a few titles you wish to try, and then you wait while Ezoic chooses the ones that will generate the most clicks.

In their Site Health area, you may view the errors on your site. As we all know, Google prefers sites with fewer errors, so having this benefit over your competitors is essential.

Big Data Analytics

You can report and analyze your data using the free analytics tool offered by Ezoic. I'm a big fan of Ezoic's reporting and analytics features as a personal finance fan.

You may find out more about your website and the behavior of your visitors with the help of the Big Data analytics tool they offer.

Mediation Feature

The approach to mediation works by integrating Ezoic with your other current ad networks.

Through the Mediation tool, you can connect to Google AdSense to have it compete for ads on your website.

If AdSense wins the auction, you will receive a higher payout. Other ad platforms, including Mediavine, don't seem to offer that choice.

Integrate Cloudflare

Ezoic helps speed up your website globally by integrating it with the Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN). CDNs operate is by using numerous servers all over the world.

Users can access websites and reach a global audience due to the deployment of a CDN.

Your website performs better by CDN, which also automatically speeds up page loading.

With the help of Cloudflare CDN, website load times are enhanced and server CPU and bandwidth usage are decreased.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need 10,000 views per month to join Ezoic?

No! Ezoic offered a special Access Now Program for you if your website has less than 10,000 monthly visitors.

Is EZOIC slow down websites?

Use of it on your website is secure.

Sites are not slowed down by it any more than they are by other services that display advertisements. This is due to the well-known fact that websites suffer when advertisements are shown on them.

Ezoic has more web-friendly ads than other companies, which is more than can be said about them.

Can I Still Integrate with Ezoic If I Don’t Use WordPress?

Absolutely! Ezoic works with a wide range of CMSs, hosting, and platform-building tools. Blogger, Squarespace, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, Rebel Mouse, and more are a few examples.

You must connect Cloudflare or modify your nameservers if you don't have a WordPress blog to link to Ezoic using the plugin option.

How Can You Get Paid By Ezoic?

If you have at least $20 available for payout, Ezoic pays every month between the 26th and the 31st. They make payments via a cheque, an international bank transfer, Payoneer, Wise, or PayPal.

Try Ezoic.

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